Different Colors of Article Boxes


You probably mentioned that some of the boxes in Category and Front page views have different color from the others. Default color and hover color for boxes are defined in Theme Options, under Theme Colors > Background Colors. You can also assign a specific colors to the posts of your choice to make them stand out from the others. Post boxes in Hot Responsive theme can have one of 5 predefined additional colors (you can add different colors yourself):

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

You can assign on of these alternative layouts to any Post in Edit Post page. Under Screen Options, make sure that “Custom Fields” are enabled. For Field Name enter or select “color” and for Field Value enter on of the colors (black, blue, green, red, yellow). After you make this change, your post will have different background color in Category View.


If you would like to edit background colors, hover colors, border colors or text colors of these alternative layouts, you should edit file /wp-content/themes/wp_hot_responsive/style.css (under “custom colored posts” comment). Each layout has it’s part, so you can edit existing, or add yours (in example purple, violet…). In example, the black layout’s CSS looks like this:

div.black {
background:#000 !important;

div.black:hover {
background:#222222 !important;

div.black h2, div.black h2 a.ui-link:link, div.black h2 a.ui-link:visited {
color:#eee !important;